What is a Whole House Fan?

A Whole House Fan is a powerful fan installed in the attic of a home and has been used to cool and ventilate homes since the 1950s. The old traditional style Whole House Fans were mounted directly into the ceiling with large shutter louvers. They were especially known for being very loud, but many people loved the cool airflow, living with fresh air indoors, the low installation cost, and the low operational cost of a Whole House Fan.

Then in 2003, the QuietCool Whole House Fan came to market. The rest is history as QuietCool continues to revolutionize the industry by offering all the benefits people love at the sound of a whisper, “Easily Cooling Your Home For Just Pennies on the Dollar!”

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

Once a QuietCool Whole House Fan is turned on, the fan instantly creates a powerful negative pressure within the living space of a home. This negative pressure requires open windows to serve as the air intake for the fan to draw from. As a result, a rush of cool air flows through the open windows with the ability to make your existing indoor air temperature drop 5-10 degrees within minutes.

The fan also creates a positive pressure in the attic by filling it with cool air. The positive pressure forces the existing hot air out of the attic through existing attic vents. This process rapidly and dramatically cools your attic.

  • Simply open a few windows when the outside air is cool, normally in the evening and morning times.
  • Activate your QuietCool fan by adjusting the speed and timer.
  • The system draws in fresh, cool air from outside while exhausting hot, stale air out attic vents.
  • Cooling the home and attic by up to 20ºF or more, your QuietCool Whole House Fan creates a healthier, more comfortable, and enjoyable living space.

Tips and Tricks on using QuietCool

Many people turn on their QuietCool Whole House Fan when the outdoor temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature. The high-speed fan setting will quickly evacuate existing heat stored in the home/attic and offer a powerful cool breeze. Just what you’re looking for after a hot day! As the night continues, the outside temperature usually cools off even further. With cooler outside temperatures, you may in fact become too cold and only need to run the fan on a lower speed or for a short amount of time.

However, when running a QuietCool Whole House Fan throughout a cooler night you should expect to “supercool” your home and get that icebox feel when waking up in the morning. To further extend the “supercool” effect, keep the windows and blinds closed up after turning off the fan. As the outside air temperature heats up throughout the day your home will stay cooler for a longer period of time, without having to use your A/C as often.

Windows: How Many and How Much?

When using the QuietCool Whole House Fan, the general suggested window strategy is to open 2-4 windows about 4-6” each. However, each home, user, and situation is different. The basic rule is you need open air intake to run the fan. Each home will have its own “open window sweet spot” that creates the perfect breeze power desired for that home.

That could be 1-2 windows open a large amount or several windows open a small or medium amount. To find the sweet spot, experiment with different windows open at various sizes to find the best airflow path to cool and ventilate your home.

Once you continue to open windows past the “open window sweet spot,” the breeze power lightens.

Cold Air Intake Utilization

Cold air intake utilization is an efficient way to use your existing furnace “Fan on” mode to help circulate the cool air that is drawn in by the whole house to your entire home.

By turning on the fan of your furnace or air handler, air will be drawn into your cold air intake as the cool air being drawn in from the Whole House Fan passes over it. Some homeowners don’t feel comfortable opening too many windows due to burglary. One advantage of this technique is that you only need to open one or two windows to cool your house and not five or six. The second advantage of this technique is that you are filtering the outside air with your cold air intake filter, making air quality even better.

Thermal Mass Cooling Explained

Thermal mass is the capacity of a material to absorb, store, and release heat energy. Thermal mass cooling uses approximately 90% less energy to maintain a comfortable home than a conventional air conditioner. Plus, the home won’t reheat as much or as quickly, greatly lessening, if not eliminating, demands on the air conditioner.

The QuietCool system takes advantage of the thermal mass potential, exchanging stale air with fresh cool air. When the outside air is cooler than the inside air, simply open a few windows and start up your QuietCool Whole House Fan. The cooler outdoor air is pulled into the attic, conveyed through vents, and replaces the stale, warmer, indoor air. Enjoy the fresh cool breeze. Get rid of dust, pet dander, and the contaminants trapped within the home in a matter of minutes. Benefit from healthier indoor air quality, greater comfort, and exceptional cost-savings.

Consider installing a QuietCool Whole House Fan in each bedroom for superior sleeping conditions without relying on the air conditioner. Utilizing thermal mass correctly helps you to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the home, day and night, while positively impacting energy bills and carbon footprint. As an Authorized Dealer, Easy Cool Whole House Fans™ is here to answer your questions and provide knowledgeable recommendations and services. Easy Cool Whole House Fans™ continues to offer smart temperature control alternatives to homeowners.